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Parktainment™, LOOP21’s unique hotspot software solution, was designed exclusively for theme parks. It offers an ideal entertainment add-on for theme parks: Communication within the park, localization of guests, navigation and location-based services in real time.

The underlying idea was to use visitors’ own smartphones for providing them with information. Today’s park visitors are equipped with their own smartphones and other devices. LOOP21 Parktainment™ can locate users and show them selected information based on their location, such as “which attractions are nearby?”, “how long is the queue for my favourite ride?” or “which park tour is most suited for my 7-year-old daughter?” Through this new way of interaction with customers, LOOP21 has created new opportunities for guiding customers and for increasing their loyalty.

Case Study


With over 4 million visitors per year, Europa-Park is Germany’s largest theme park. As we are entering a new technological era, Europa-Park has decided to provide their guests with LOOP21 Parktainment™. As a first step, a LOOP21 Hotspot including our LBS (location-based service) module “Parktainment™” was installed at five locations: At the park entrance, the two rollercoasters Silver Star and blue fire, the Enchanted Forest theme area, and at the FoodLoop restaurant.

The goal was to provide visitors with location-based information via Wi-Fi. The LOOP21 Parktainment™ software bundle enables guests to connect to the Wi-Fi and they are shown a landing page. At each location, there is a different landing page. If you are close to the roller coaster Silver Star, you can post on Silver Star’s Facebook page or watch an on-ride video on YouTube, while waiting in the queue. In front of the roller coaster blue fire, guest receive information on that ride. They can check in at blue Fire on Facebook Places or view a map of the theme park.

Europa-Park also uses LOOP21’s Internet Login. The cooperation with Loop21 as operator of these services guarantees legal safety. During the integration of the LOOP21 Hotspot System into the existing Wi-Fi network, the details of this integration process were coordinated with LOOP21’s Network Operations Team.

Thanks to LOOP21’s software, modern Hardware, corresponding configurations, and the technical know-how, Parktainment™ could be launched before the 2011 season opening.

Systems in operation: Wi-Fi Hardware, LOOP21 Hotspot Software, LOOP21 WLAN ENTERTAINER®, Internet Login and AAA-System, LBS (Location-based Service), CMS, statistics, legal safety, 1st and 2nd level support and operation



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