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Hotspot products

Hardware and Software – Infrastructur and Management, everything from a single source. LOOP21 offers professional advice in choosing the material and equipment depending on the area of application.


Hotspot modules

Take advantage of all the possibilities of your infrastructure and take your WLAN to a new level.
To optimize your WLAN solution, LOOP21 offers, in addition to the Hotpsot products, a variety of different hotspot modules.



Individually configured software and hardware systems that perfectly fulfill special application areas such as audio and light entertainment as well as advertising options in trendy display systems. The GPS box provides tracking technology and mobility reports on driving time and route.



Mobility Communication

Sensor technology, process management, progress monitoring: LOOP21 plans and delivers the effective and efficient use of the best IP-based communication technology.

Content Management

Wi-Fi Landingpage

Internet access for your guests plus extensive, configureable functions and reports.

Extended banner management
Rotation of the advertising space as a source of income

Automatic change of the Landingpage after a schedule – seasonally, weekly or daily

User Profiling
Special offers for different user groups

Share Your Moments
Integration of the images of the customer on the website of the operator

Customer Survey

Honest answer to the anonymous customer survey – fast and easy to use

Emergency Service

Marking individual areas – active connections are disconnected and warning is displayed

Rotation of the advertising spaces as a source of income

Automatically change the landing page based on a schedule – seasonal, weekly or daily

User Profiling
Special offers for different user groups

Creation of POP-UP messages that have to be confirmed


Share Your Moments
Integration of the customer’s images on the website of the operator

Customer Survey
Honest answer to the anonymous customer survey – fast and easy to use

Emergency Service
Active connections are disconnected and warning is displayed

Device Flow
Allows conclusions to be drawn about the movement of the WLAN user – heat map


Information and communication technology
in public transport

Mobility communication System

Products and services are networked with each other

All Features




Video surveillance



Sensors control


Battery monitoring

Light control

Digitization also creates many advantages in public transport. With the Mobility Communication System we mean the innovative networking of products and services – in the spirit of SMART TRANSPORT.

Infotainment functions

Public Wi-Fi: 
With the free public Wi-Fi, passengers enjoy the convenience of stable Internet access.

Cabin Display:
Passengers can be provided with information via a monitor in the cabin.

RGB lighting:
With RGB lighting, different lighting moods can be created in the cabin.

Sound system:
The Cabin Sound System offers passengers interactive audio entertainment with a music playlist.

Digital Signage:
Digital Signage combines cabin display, sound system and content management in a complete passenger information system.

Vehicle-relevant functions

Time and location controlled automated announcements.

Speak in via the station microphone or the train telephone system.

Video surveillance:
Video surveillance of the cabin interior is possible with a camera in the headliner.

Temperature display and control:
The temperature can be measured and set at various points.

Sensor display and control:
The sensor control offers the use of outside temperature and air pressure sensors. Voltage monitoring and energy consumption are also controlled.

Battery monitoring:
All relevant parameters of the vehicle’s energy supply are monitored. A warning signal appears if the level is undershot.

Light control:
Time-controlled settings are also possible, as are settings for lighting control in the event of an emergency.


areas of application


Our Hotspot solutions are optimised individually on the needs of the operators and the mechanical conditions of the unit. Here some examples of use:

Audio-Entertainment for your guests – interactive and location-based


Your guests choose the next songs, for example in

  • public transportation
    e.g. ropeways, busses
  • gastronomic businesses
    e.g. restaurants, bars, shops
  • public events
    e.g. sports events, public swimming pools

Central management by the operator via web interface for

  • tourism information systems
  • theme events
  • museum guides

We are happy to advice you: non-binding and of course free of charge


Infotainment for your guests


The concept of the information in Digital Signage is diversified.
The possibilities reach from the small digital name plate in the office building up to the outdoor touchscreen of the municipality, where you can see all information of the bus timetable up to the topical events.

Use the possibilities to show your information interactively, personalises and playfully by touchscreen or mobile applications.
The absolute user-friendliness guarantees that your individual information can be easily changed any time.


Light-Entertainment for your guests – interactive und automated


Your guests choose the light, for example in:

public transportation
e.g. ropeways, busses

e.g. hotel rooms, wellness area, ski huts

public events
e.g. sport events, music events

Management by the guest via Wi-Fi Landingpage.


Location technology and mobility reports


Data of the board sensors like speed, fuel and mileage are transmitted and evaluated in real time. Complex analyses can be announced and processed by a Mesh-up with external data sources like traffic and weather data in a central, interactive Dashboard.

  • Display of all vehicles and detail display of single vehicles
  • Statistics about different time periods
  • Location-Based Content

The right contents on the right place at the right time.
Over a Landingpage the passengers receive information dependent on location directly on the mobile device as for example weather in the region, events or opening times of the shops or restaurants in the topical location.


About Wi-Fi and Network solutions for urban cable car systems

About Wi-Fi and Network solutions for urban cable car systems

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From the piste to the event!

From the piste to the event!

The LOOP21 WLAN system tested in large ski areas and shopping centers will find a new performance-oriented partner in the König-Pilsener-Arena, offering its guests an additional experience during their events. Supported by high-class hardware, a customer Wi-Fi was set up, which offers additional functions that make a new communication option.

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“The benefits of the network”

“The benefits of the network”

The Internet of Things continues to develop in the age of smartphones, but the tremendous potential of Wi-Fi networks is far from exhausted. In particular, companies can still greatly benefit from the opportunities that IT technology already offers by creating a new level of customer communication.

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