With LOOP21 the Berg- & Skilift Hochsöll GmbH & Co KG starts into a new digital age. In addition to Public Wi-Fi, the new Hexenwasser cabin also features a light control system, sound box and intercom function. LOOP21 also provides rope field monitoring with new a new camerasystem at the towers from the control room.

The new Hexenwasser 10-seater cable car, a D-Line from Doppelmayr, from Söll to Hexenwasser in Hochsöll replaces the Hochsöll 8-person cable car. Berg- & Skilift Hochsöll GmbH & Co. KG has come up with a special concept for this system.

Inside the cabin, guests, especially children, are greeted by music and interesting stories through the LOOP21 sound box. Locals from Söll have recorded 72 different short stories, matching the motifs on the cabins. In addition, the Bundesmusikkapelle Söll recorded music that accompanies the stories.


In order to enhance the staging even more, the gondola can be made to shine in a wide variety of colors using indirect RGB lighting under the seat. Of course, it is also possible to use this light control from LOOP21 to give exit signals or simply to change the color of the cabin interior.

As a further entertainment feature, the passenger will have access to public Wi-Fi via the LOOP21 technology package throughout the journey.

There is also the possibility of the operating personnel speaking in order to convey important information to passengers. The operating personnel can also keep an eye on the rope field monitoring using the LOOP21 tower cameras.