Digital Signage

Mobility Communication System

Mobility Communication System

The LOOP21 Mobility Communication System is used to control and monitor passenger transport routes and also provides the basis for modern passenger services.

A control software is used to operate all functions, which is easy to operate by touch.

Digital signage in the ropeway

Easy to control digital information system

Central control by the operator via web interface.
The LOOP21 digital signage system displays the content on each screen, depending on location, time or season.


Pre-programmed entertainment for your guests

With digital display boards, electronic door signs and dynamic signposts, people are guided and informed in a matter of seconds.

Digital signage in the cabin floor

Display in the glass floor for perfect marketing activities

A display is installed in the floor to play audio-visual content while driving. The ongoing presentation can be controlled independently of the cabin position. Additional interaction by the passenger using a button is also possible.

In addition, cameras can be built into the floor on the outside of the cabin, which transmit images to the vehicle interior.