In Cuautepec, a working class neighborhood on the northern edge of Mexico City, there are living 3.5 million people. The residents usually take local buses or cars to get to the next underground and national bus station. This results in an enormous volume of traffic in the streets.


In order to be able to offer passengers a fast and reliable alternative to the congested streets the city has now commissioned Doppelmayr/Garaventa to build a cable car line.
The new level of traffic in the air makes it possible to connect Cuautepec with one of the city’s most important transport hubs “Indios Verde” over a total distance of 9.22 kilometers.

The cable car network consists of 3 sections with 6 stations and is completely integrated into the existing public transport network. In each of the 378 cabins of this ropeway there is place for 10 passengers.
Now the first section has successfully gone into operation.

LOOP21 provides the functions of announcements, intercom system with an emergency call button, door contact, control of the indirect lighting, control of the temperature sensors and public WiFi directly in the cabin.

LOOP21 also set up a network on the towers, stations and the parking system in order to guarantee the power supply, the cable car control and access to the Internet.