New construction of one of the main feeders in Snow Space Salzburg by Doppelmayr. The ropeway technology and digital basis for successful and sustainable work over the next 50 years has been laid. LOOP21 used the latest technical highlights.


The ropeway comes up with many innovations. On the one hand with an occupancy indicator via a display in the middle station and on the other hand with a light depending on the occupancy in the cabin.

For security reasons, individual announcements can be sent to each cabin via the intercom. CCTV cameras in the cabin ceiling support communication with passengers if necessary. In addition, ski legend Hermann Maier speaks in all cabins and there are two Mozart-themed cabins that have a very special interior. Their built-in tablets allow guests to control the lights and select and play music. And there are 2 extraordinary cabins with a monitor in the glass floor of the cabin.

Also the detection of cabin occupancy incl. visualization for guests and staff is new.
The cabin lighting is integrated into this cabin occupancy. When the cabin drives into the middle station, depending on the occupancy, the light switches on in green for free, orange for partially occupied and red for fully occupied.

Even when the train is at a standstill, the light is switched on for each occupancy to signal to the rescue teams which cabins are empty and which are not. 


Used in this cabin:

  • Individual speaking in each cabin
  • Position-related text announcements (spoken by Hermann Maier)
  • Controlling the RGB lighting in the ceiling
  • CCTV in each cabin
  • Detection of cabin occupancy including visualization for guests and employees
  • Visual rescue management
  • Air temperature measurement in the passenger compartment including evaluation
  • Detection of high temperatures in summer operation
  • Gyro sensor in each cabin with evaluation of the lateral pendulum behavior for the
    Operation in extreme situations (wind)
  • High-end sound system in every cabin
  • Special cabin lighting in the garage