Gyro sensor

Mobility Communication System

The LOOP21 Mobility Communication System is used to control and monitor passenger transport routes and also provides the basis for modern passenger services.

The control software is used to operate all functions, which is easy to operate by touch.

Gyro sensor

Safety technology in the cabin
The aim of the gyro sensor is to build up knowledge and analyze the upswing and wind behavior and the wind susceptibility of the cabin in certain cable spans. A special sensor can be used to measure and display the vibration and inclination behavior of the cabin.


Gyro sensor
The integrated sensor of the MCCU 3.0 is used to detect pendulum movements of cabins. The sensor used is a combination of 3D accelerometer and 3D gyroscope. The sensor therefore always delivers 6 measured values.
The measured values can be queried with different sampling rates (10-80Hz). (Default: 10Hz). The data is queried from the sensor by the MCCU. The required calculations are performed by the MCCU.
In combination with position location, the operator can see at a glance in which rope sections there are increased pendulum movements (e.g. due to foehn winds).

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