Integrate production processes – flexible factory automation

Flexibility is very important in an industrial company. A new quality level is now possible thanks to Industry 4.0, which combines intelligent sensors, actuator technology and the consequent use of interactive and cooperative communication media.

With Industry 4.0 you can collect data in real-time, which enables a new dimension of flexible personnel deployment.

If you know about a delivery delay of material earlier, then you can reduce idle times and increase production efficiency.


  • Site surveillance and identity check
  • Optimisation of energy
  • Stock display
  • Temperature regulation
  • Control of flow quantities
  • Networking of buildings and company sites
  • Central management of services, stationary or mobile

Hotspot pioneer LOOP21 designs modular and flexible customized concepts, which are high in demand also beyond Austria’s borders. Customers can rely on our team’s competence during planning, installation and operations.

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