Sensor control – Process monitoring

At a manufacturing company, it is important to be able to display the most important information and control the most important operations anytime and anywhere.

LOOP21 specially designed a new software for positioning inside buildings, which tracks and navigates via Wireless LAN. Wi-Fi tracking allows for locating of devices without installing an app or other software, simply by using wireless networks (Wi-Fi). By combining different modules, it is possible to receive data from other sensors and to start applications.


  • Light guidance system for people and vehicles
  • Speed control
  • Heating and air condition settings
  • Optimisation and monitoring of processes
  • Incoming and outgoing goods inspection of the control unit with Wi-Fi
  • Central administration of services
  • Directional radio connections between locations

In this kind of project, LOOP21 takes charge of planning, configuration, assembly, start of operation, documentation as well as monitoring of the network during ongoing operation.


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