LOOP21 equipped the bus fleet of Oetztaler Busse with Wi-Fi

12. October 2016

Wi-Fi in the bus guarantees free internet access and location-based information for the passengers

Sölden (2016-10-12): In 24 busses of the Austrian bus operator Oetztaler Busse the passenger is now able to surf the Internet for free. This is possible because of the optimum Wi-Fi coverage.

The Austrian IT company LOOP21 installed a high-class Wi-Fi for the passengers of Oetzaler Busse. The bus fleet consists of different vehicle types such as Mercedes, Solaris, Volvo, Iveco und Van Hool. “The challenge was to develop an ‘all-in-one-box’ with all components in it but independent from manufacturers. It should fit to every vehicle type. To provide a seamless wireless coverage along the bus route we designed a box with a LTE router and Wi-Fi access point as well as roof antenna and cabelling”, Franz Lirsch, project manager at LOOP21, explains.

LOOP21 also installed Location-Based-Content of the “new generation” by implementing the specially developed software “Loop21 Technology Package”. Depending on the location of each bus the passengers receive location-based information directly on their mobile device. This can be weather information in the region, upcoming events or opening hours of the local industry. The guests are always informed about the current happenings in the valley Oetztal.

More than 4,500 users have already used the Wi-Fi since July 2016. The Landing Page of Oetzaler Busse was shown more than 53,000 times. This means an average click rate of 12 clicks per user. These numbers are impressing although not all of the bus lines are operating at the moment. The return rate is approx. 50 % what shows that the free service is highly accepted by the passengers.

“Thanks to the team of LOOP21 we can offer a high-class Wi-Fi and an interactive platform for the guest communication in our busses.” Franz Sailer, managing director of Ötztaler Busse, explains. “Project planning, project management, software adaptions, assembly, installation and support were done by the on-site team and their outstanding flexibility – the whole project was implemented professionally. We are highly pleased.”