LOOP21 GmbH Germany equips the Rheinseilbahn with public Wi-Fi and security-system.

6. June 2017

LOOP21 GmbH Germany equips the Rheinseilbahn with public Wi-Fi and security system

(Koblenz, 2017-06-06 ) From now on the guests of the ropeway Koblenz can be happy about the free Internet access with added value. Together with the German LOOP21 GmbH, subsidiary of the Austrian LOOP21 Mobile Net GmbH, WiFi-Hotspots were installed in all cabins. With this offer the ropeway Koblenz is a forerunner in Germany, because up to now there is no ropeway, which offers Wi-Fi to the guests. The guests the access to the internet with a few clicks.

„The ropeway Koblenz is a cable car across the Rhine river in Koblenz. It was built as an attraction and ecologically friendly traffic facility to the federal horticultural show in 2011. Since June, 2010 the cable railway connects the Rhine arrangements on the height of the basilica Saint Kastor with the plateau before the fortress Ehrenbreitstein. She is Germanys first 3-rope cable car with the transport capacity of 7600 people per hour. She also has a high-end comfort and security concept. The public Wi-Fi is available in the cabins and in the entree of the stations and also in the command rooms. We use this Wi-Fi as an service offer for our passengers and also for our security concept and have created an integrated system with which we are prepared for the future, explains Eugen Nigsch, manager of the Skyglide Event Deutschland GmbH which pursues the cable railway.

To get to know better the guests of the cable railway, a short, anonymous survey is added to own person. The users reach after the questionnaire an especially site which passes on tourism to the offers of the cable railway, the fortress Ehrenbreitstein and to Koblenz. According to interest the guests can find out further information.„In particular for our foreign guests the free Wi-Fi shows an additional use“, continued Eugen Nigsch. „The dispatch of pictures or also live videotransference during the cable railway journey in the native country is possible so easily. Of course the free Wi-Fi is also usable for the Koblenzerinnen and Koblenzer. The use is not limited, therefore can be used of the Hotspot also regularly.

„We have come in the planning of this project very exactly at the demands of the cable railway and have created a seemlessly interlocking system, the passengers as well as to the operator brings a clear added value“, explains Sascha Konul, manager of the LOOP21 GmbH.

The technology used by LOOP21 allows the communication with the cabins. Single or several cabins can be contacted by the operating places in the stations at the same time. Thus the employees of the cable railway can make topical announcements in the cabins or play also prepared texts. Also the control of the fans in the cabins can be carried out about the system. Passengers can make emergency calls which can be answered by all stations of the cable railway in the cabins. A security camera is installed in every cabin. These cabin cameras can be accessed from the controll-room of the stations remote. This enables to the operator to look at the situation within the cabin in the occasion case and to initiate other measures. About a separate operating place the pictures of a cabin can be seen up back to 48 hours. In this time a manual archiving of pictures from the cabin is also possible. At the end of 48 hours the oldest pictures are automatically removed. On this operating station it is possible to see the pictures of the pillar-cams.

To make the passengers on the offer attentive, stickers with the internationally Wi-Fi pictogramme are appropriated on the outside of the cabins and in the interior. In the start phase posters and leaflets will also point to the free Wi-Fi. „Particularly the great cooperation with Skyglide on this project is to be emphasised. Therefore a quick installation could be carried out“, Manuel Urbanek, CEO of LOOP21 Mobile Net GmbH, summarises.

About LOOP21 GmbH
The head office of the new-founded LOOP21 GmbH is in Hamm in Westfalen, another office opened in Leipzig. The german subsidiary of the Austrian LOOP21 Mobile Net GmbH supports its clients by the installation of individual and location-related offers of information via a special web infrastructure. The service portfolio of LOOP21 GmbH is oriented primarily toward of enterprises from commerce, trade, tourism and public transport. The equal partners Christian Cramer, also manager of the Systemhaus Cramer GmbH, and Sascha Konul will act as managers.