About LOOP21

LOOP21 Mobile Net GmbH is an owner-controlled enterprise and develops solutions based on Wi-Fi networks.

With a team of 60 employees in Vienna (head office), Deutsch-Wagram, Hamm, Innsbruck, Leipzig, Wolfurt and Palo Alto, the wireless expert manages already more than 2000 telecommunication systems in 18 different countries.

Several ski resorts, ropeways, entertainment parks, stadiums, shopping malls, retailers, events as well as cities have been equipped with the “Made in Austria” Wi-Fi solutions of LOOP21.

LOOP21 offers mobile infrastructure and mobile services. Based on the specially developed hotspot software services are implemented internationally in the field of infrastructure, customer engagement and data analytics. #industry 4.0 #mobility #internetofthings

Also in our service portfolio is the location of customer devices and the increasing use of complex sensors via Wi-Fi. So LOOP21 provides a tool for an ideal customer communication and relationship, indoor positioning, customer flow analysis and POS marketing. Moreover customized industry solutions are combined with data analysis and M2M applications.




Telecommunication systems