Mobility Battery Protection System 2.0

Central battery management system [BMS] for industrial applications

The LOOP21 Mobility Battery Protection System 2.0 [MBPS 2.0] is an electronic component for monitoring, regulating and protecting accumulators (chains) and is designed for 10 years of continuous operation.

Thanks to its robust and compact design, the LOOP21 MBPS 2.0 can be used in both stationary and mobile use.

The LOOP21

MBPS 2.0

The Mobility Battery Protection System from LOOP21 is extremely important to protect batteries and power storage from complete discharge and thus the destruction of cells and to control the charge control and load management.
robust and compact design (IP21)
minimal wiring effort
simple, space-saving installation (top hat rail)
Versatile because the entire system is manufacturer-independent and freely parameterizable. It is an all-in-one solution – one device fulfills all functions. Quickly ready for use due to the minimal wiring effort.

The MBPS 2.0 is a battery management system for one or two lead-acid batteries connected in series. It has local operating options and a RS-485 interface.

The MBPS 2.0 is made for operation under demanding conditions, such as in cable car cabins. Their robust design enables a service life of 10 years in continuous operation. An extended manufacturer‘s guarantee is possible on request.

The standard version of the MBPS 2.0 works with 12V or 24V AGM lead-acid batteries. Variants for other battery types and other customer-specific programming can be offered and developed on request for a fee.

TÜV Süd test mark and certificate

Operation is only permitted in compliance with the regulations for safe operation of the LOOP21 MBPS 2.0 Rev. 01.



Condition monitoring

Condition monitoring through current and voltage measurement


Fully automatic overcharge and deep discharge protection


Operation and charge compensation for up to 4 batteries at the same time