LOOP21 modules

Modules for Hotspot Products

Use all possibilities of your infrastructure and bring your Wi-Fi to the next level.
For the optimization of your Wi-Fi solution, LOOP21 offers in addition to the Hotpsot products, a variety of different modules.

These allow among other things to get to know your users better, to provide contents specific for user, to integrate advertisement and partners, and the communication with the users in emergencies.

According to operational area LOOP21 consults competently with the choice of the single products and modules.

LOOP21 Extension


Create POP-UP messages for your users. This must be confirmed by the user, then the system can continue to be used without restrictions.
local or external content
Message is displayed once per user
simple configuration in the backend
You will receive statistics about received and confirmed messages in the selected period.


Simple application is important to us. That’s why we’ve developed a Content Management System that’s easy to understand and use.

In the case of a local notification, you have the option of feed in the content yourself in an integrated editor. For external notifications, XML / RSS feeds are imported and stored in the system.