Location technology and mobility reports

Display of all vehicles and

detail display of single vehicles

Data of the board sensors like speed, fuel and mileage are transmitted and evaluated in real time. Complex analyses can be announced and processed by a Mesh-up with external data sources like traffi c and weather data in a central, interactive Dashboard.

The status is indicated by colored dots:
green: in operation
yellow: pause
orange: Stop,longer stay or parked vehicle (engine off)
red: Error, missing GPS signal

Click on a vehicle to open the detail view. There are information such as direction, travel time, current speed, route and route length.

Statistics about different time periods

Over a statistics filter is the period of one or several vehicles (units) selectable

  • driving and standing time (Drive • Break • Stop)
    per vehicle(group) over the time period (MIN, AVG, MAX)
  • Speed per vehicle(group) over the time period (MIN, AVG, MAX)
  • length of driving distance per vehicle(group) over the time period (MIN, AVG, MAX)
  • route lenght detail view: Map view with the route as a line of the selected vehicles in the selected period.

Location-Based Content

Important information for your guests:

on the location – according to location of other content

adjusted to the time – according the time the tailored content

season – content adjusted on season

In addition, the passenger gets an internet access
with the bus-intern Wi-Fi.

The right contents on the right place at the right time. Over a Landingpage the passengers receive information dependent on location directly on the mobile device as for example weather in the region, events or opening times of the shops or restaurants in the topical location.
• free Wi-Fi
• location- and time-based information
• offers for nearest attractions and restaurants