Hotspot Management

Manage your Wi-Fi and enlarge your possibilities.

Login options

Self Sign-On







Self Sign-On

Every Wi-Fi user has to register once. The data is collected via a freely configurable registration form. User and password are sent via SMS.

One-Click Login

In this case the Wi-Fi user must accept the conditions of usage and has internet access.

To be able to use the free Wi-Fi, the customer must log in with Facebook and still can check himself in at the place directly, too.
E-mail Opt-In
The optional Email Opt-In makes the authentication of the user possible with the e-mail-adress. One confirmation mail is triggered with a confirmation link which must be confirmed by the user.
Ticket Login

A ticket (username/password) is an „one time access“, which is no longer usable out of the validity.

PMS Schnittstelle
Wi-Fi user being able to authenticated also with an existing reservation system (ex.: Micros Fidelio) by the use of the optional PMS interface.

Advertising banner

An important tool for the refinancing of your investments is the marketing of your contents and service with digital advertisement.

Self-advertising supports the cross and Upselling and promotes a comprehensive shopping experience.

Partners and sponsors can switch paid-up advertisement and this “intelligently”. Location-based, dependent on time or dependent on season.

The reporting is an important tool to measure the advertising impact as well as the commercial success of each banner.

The functionality of the banner management allows you to link in the respective language, the start and end time as well as the start and end date of each banner, the position, the setting of the frequency caps and a statistic by clicks and views.