The LOOP21 Lightbox

Light-Entertainment for your guests – interactive und automated

Individual lighting atmosphere controlled by the guest

Intelligent lamps are able to play an important role for the health. Light has been proved
a big effect on the biorhythm of the person.
Decide yourselves, which light in the journey on top will be the best for you.

Select in the Smartphone the desirable light and relax properly!
• Free WLAN in every surroundings
• Wi-Fi controlled Relaxation light system
• Landingpage with information of the surroundings

Control of the light settings by the guest with the Wi-Fi Landingpage.

Automated light control

Use the light control to show your passengers how long the journey still lasts.

For example, red is the departure, changes to violet in the middle station and before the journey is to an end, the colour changes on green.

You can steer the light also from the music beat.