The LOOP21 Soundbox©

Audio-Entertainment for your guests – interactive and automatic


Central management by the operator via web interface for
• tourism information systems
• theme events
• museum guides

The LOOP21 SOUNDBOX plays predefined audio-files,
depending on
location – time – season

Create playlists for different occasions:
• themes
• daytimes
• seasonal or
• fulfill spontaneous music requests

At celebrations and parties, for events, in the skihuts or 5 star spa hotels

The passengers can choose from a playlist of
famous austrian music, which will play in
the bus.

At selected points of the route, information
about places of interest and sights will be
played automatically.

Individual, customer-
controlled playback

Management by the guest via Wi-Fi Landingpage

The gondola rocks! The ski area Schmitten Zell am See offers free Wi-Fi in every cabin and 6 so-called Jukeboxx gondolas.
Simply choose your favourite song on your smartphone and the gondola turns into a disco!

• Free Wi-Fi in every gondola
• Multimedia-soundsystem via Wi-Fi in the Jukeboxx
• Landingpage with information about the skiing area

Automated play

The ropeway owner in Galtür relies on a positioning
as a family ski area. The cable railway by
Doppelmayr with a capacity of 10 people per
gondola has 4 themed gondolas. The guests will
be entertained with interesting stories during the
journey. The stories were written and produced by
the ropeway owner themselves.

In 2 gondolas, called Sagenkabine and Traditionskabine,
passengers can listen to stories about
old traditions and legends. Another godola playing
back information on technology used within the
ski area is called Forscherkabine while in the Naturkabine
you can hear about local wild life.

Perfect music enjoyment on the ski lodge

Control of the music playlist by the guest via WLAN Landingpage or by pre-made playlists by the operator.

The hut rocks! Let your guests decide what they want to hear. They connect to the Wi-Fi and can choose from the songs they want to hear.

Then you are locked for a certain period of time and the next song is played. So all guests can enjoy listening to their song during the party.

If no one selects a song, an alternative song selection is started.