Hotspot Products

Soft- and Hardware for a better administration of the Wi-Fi.
Flexibly adaptable on the existing infrastructure and your concrete requirements.

Hotspot Management

Manage your Wi-Fi and enlarge your possibilities

  • Captive portal with 6 Login-options (One-Click, Social, PMS, …)
  • added advertising banners for login page including Banner-Management
  • Internet access control (bandwidth, …)
  • Hotspot groups enables muliple configurations (login-optins, terms and conditions,…)
  • flexible licensing models for hotspots, locations, hotspot groups and concurrent users

Content Management

Making and managing of individualized offers, services and information

  • Landingpage
  • Banner on LogIn-Site, expanded Banner Management
  • Scheduler
  • User Profiling
  • Share your Moment
  • Customer Survey
  • Emergency Service

Location Based Services

Location based content and services with extensive reporting.

  • localisation with Wi-Fi, GPS or RFID
  • location based content (offers, advertising banner, menucard, …)
  • location based services (indoor navigation, …)
  • Device-Flow-Analysis

LOOP21 “Boxed” Products

Systems of software and hardware configured individually with special application fields like audio- and light-entertainment.


Audio-Entertainment for your guests – interactive and location-based

PLAYLIST – Your guests choose the next songs, for example in

public transportation
e.g. ropeways, busses

gastronomic businesses
e.g. restaurants, bars, shops

public events
e.g. sports events, public swimming pools

LOCATION BASED – Central management by the operator via web interface for

  • tourism information systems
  • theme events
  • museum guides


Light-Entertainment for your guests – interactive and automatic

Your guests choose the light, e.g. in

public transportation
e.g. ropeways, busses

e.g. hotel rooms, wellness area, ski huts

public events
e.g. sport events, music events

Management by the guest via Wi-Fi Landingpage.


Location technology and mobility reports

Data of the board sensors like speed, fuel and mileage are transmitted and evaluated in real time. Complex analyses can be announced and processed by a Mesh-up with external data sources like traffic and weather data in a central, interactive Dashboard.

Display of all vehicles and detail display of single vehicles

By clicking on a desired vehicle the detail view is opened. There are information like traffic-direction, driving-time and standing times, current speed, route length and driving route.

Statistics about different time periods

Over a statistics filter is the period of one or several vehicles (units) selectable like driving and standing time (Drive • Break • Stop) per vehicle(group) over the time period and Speed per vehicle(group) over the time period and also the length of driving distance per vehicle(group) over the time period.
A map view with the route as a line of the selected vehicles in the selected period is displayed on
the Interface.

Location-Based Content

The right contents on the right place at the right time.
Over a Landingpage the passengers receive information dependent on location directly on the mobile device as for example weather in the region, events or opening times of the shops or restaurants in the topical location.


Infotainment for your guests – interactive und automated

The concept of the information in Digital Signage is diversified.
The possibilities reach from the small digital name plate in the office building up to the outdoor touchscreen of the municipality,
where you can see all information of the bus timetable up to the topical events.

Use the possibilities to show your information interactively, personalises and playfully by touchscreen or mobile applications.
The absolute user-friendliness guarantees that your individual information can be easily changed any time.

The Digital Signage products enables you to present your enterprise and your achievements optimally in trendy indoor and outdoor announcement systems.

The advantages of Digital Signage reach from the strong advertising effect about the fast updateable of the contents up to the intelligent and time-saving interlinking of screen contents.