Through our IT specialists, we offer fully integrated solutions for all areas and also rely on comprehensive services. Best advice and support – all from one source.

Location-Based Content Consulting

Your landing page offers the opportunity to communicate with your client or guest and to convey their brand message.

Captive portal

Location-dependent landing page

location-dependent services

important reports and analyzes for your marketing

We advise you on which content should be displayed at which location and help you with the implementation. Whether that’s the menu in the restaurant or the drinks menu in the bar. Or the opening hours of the shops in the village or in the mall.


In order to get the attention of visitors, it is important to provide relevant content for them. Here, content marketing, especially the selection and preparation of content, plays a major role.

  • integrate public facilities and the public transport
  • daily / weekly menu plans or opening hours
  • your or local events
  • change content by season or time of day

The content decides whether interested persons become consumers and entrepreneurs are successful. LOOP21 helps you to create the right content and then build it into your personal landing page.


Digitalization is a great opportunity for businesses, regardless of company size or industry. Digital technologies and the use of data create enormous added value for our customers.


automate and integrate economic processes

in addition to selling through cross-selling.

control system to avoid peak and waiting times


There are many ways to digitize the operation easily and quickly. We support you on your way to the digital future.


We support the uniqueness of your company by creating customized software tailored to your processes and ideas.


Programming complex interfaces

Design of user-friendly interfaces

Creating innovative ticketing solutions

Further development of existing software

Consulting in the conception phase

Development according to your requirements catalog


Efficient, secure and adaptable data transfer with full mobility. LOOP21 provides mobile workers with smooth data exchange.


Internet service with fiber optics


Optical fiber is a wonder of data technology: optical signals are sent via laser diodes via the finest, highly flexible optical fibers, enabling lightning fast Internet and modern IP telephone services.


Connecting the very fine individual fibers

Download and upload are equally fast

Business applications with the highest quality

LOOP21 offers the use of glass fiber and, of course, takes over all work such as splicing or feeding into a network.


We plan and dimension your wireless LAN


We specialize in the analysis of existing WLAN networks as well as the creation and dimensioning of new Wi-fi systems.


We analyze the building or terrain to be surveyed with professional Wi-Fi equipment

survey of the signal quality up to the last angle

survey log shows quality of signal in each building area

correct positioning of AccessPoints


Our experts have years of experience in this area and help you with the right sizing.


Digitization in data communication


In the future Internet of Things, machines capable of communication will be by far the most common type of device. For this new challenge, a stable network is needed.


Digitization with powerful data communication

Planning and implementation of IT networks

Secure and individual Business VPN

Solution-oriented implementation of your requirements


Through our many years of experience in automation and communication technology, we can offer special network designs that are tailored exactly to the applications in the various industries.


Fail-safe solutions via LTE or directional radio


Unfortunately, failures of physical Internet connectivity, for example due to maintenance or unforeseen events such as cable breaks (e.g., in earthworks), router failures, etc., can never be completely ruled out on a single line.


Digital and encrypted in the free GHz frequency band

Radio or LTE lines independent of connections

Construction and setup by our specialists

Backup solutions


Our team supports with know-how and flexibility in all questions and finds the ideal backup version for every company.


Trained specialists for every installation – worldwide


LOOP21 covers the projects of its customers with consultation and sales over planning and project management including installation and commissioning up to the competent service support.


Planning, design and construction of a city Wi-Fi in Nigeria

IT project for a wireless internet network in Kosovo

Cable car communication projects in Colombia and Bolivia

IT project with a big retailer throughout Europe

Projects with tourism associations in Germany


Through our years of international experience, such as in Germany, Colombia, Bolivia or Nigeria we know the different country-specific requirements.


Maintenance and remote monitoring by our team

Our Network Operation Center is there for you around the clock. So you do not have to worry about technical details, our team will gladly take over the maintenance of your network.


Latest diagnostic tools

Problem solution by remote maintenance

Remote monitoring in real time


Delegate exactly the tasks to us, which you do not personally care for in your core business. Our consulting experts will advise you on this matter.