Signage Playerbox

Customer communication and customer loyalty

Information for your guests

The possibilities of the LOOP21 Signage Playerbox range from the small digital door sign in the office building to the outdoor suitable touchscreen.
Take advantage of the possibilities to transport your information interactively, in a personalized and playful way. The ease of use guarantees simple and effortless exchange of information.

The LOOP21

Signage Playerbox

No matter if information, advertising messages or infotainment for your guests, the Signage Playerbox offers the operator many new possibilities.</ p>
central control via web interface
Location- and time-dependent content
on every screen
Whether it’s business news, weather data, traffic information or webcam transfers, anything is possible when delivering the content.

customer communication

Pre-programmed information for your guests

Digital information system

Central control by the operator

intuitive operation

Simple and easy-to-use interface

Digital Signage in the ropeway

Glass floor cabin with display in the floor

A display is installed in the floor to play audio-visual content while driving.

The ongoing presentation may vary depending on the cabin position to be controlled. Additional interaction by the passenger using a button is also possible.


Easy to control digital information system
Central control by the operator via web interface.
The LOOP21 digital signage system displays the preset content on each screen, depending on location, time or season.