Individual software development IoT

Individual Internet of Things solutions for companies.


Thanks to our IT specialists, we offer fully integrated solutions for all areas and also rely on comprehensive services.
Best advice and support – everything from a single source.


We advise, design and install hardware and software and look after you and your WiFi around the clock.

Depending on the respective area of application, LOOP21 provides expert advice on the selection of individual options, possibilities and extensions.

Qualified and highly motivated specialists work in our modern Network Operation Center and thus guarantee 24/7 service.

Individual software development IoT

We support the uniqueness of your company by creating individual software, tailored to your processes and ideas.

Programming of complex interfaces
Design of user-friendly interfaces
Creation of innovative ticketing solutions
Further development of existing software
Efficient, secure and adaptable data transfer with full mobility. LOOP21 offers mobile employees a smooth exchange of data.


When implementing IoT applications, agility, maintainability, data security, adaptability and scalability are decisive factors.

In order to keep pace with the rapid development in Industry 4.0, software development is moving from rigid and monolithic structures to lean and agile microservices.

These handle clearly defined subtasks, are easily exchangeable and expandable and can drastically reduce the time-to-market compared to complex, rigid and tediously planned monoliths.

We are happy to support you in the further development of your application: As soon as it is clear what the next version should look like, you can continue with the same development team, based on the existing work status.