LOOP21 Soundbox ©

Audio Entertainment for your guests

Interactive and location-based

Whether audio information system, entertainment or tourism information. The LOOP21 Soundbox can be used in many areas and gives your guests an unforgettable and varied experience.

Let your guests choose their favorite music via the Wi-Fi landing page or play preprogrammed music and stories at a specific time.

The LOOP21


Control the music by the guest using a smartphone or preset audio files depending on location and time.
Configuration via Web interface
Automated playback
Manage playlists

Statistics are graphically rendered and can be exported as PDF and CSV.

Soundbox for playing back important information

Due to the Covid19 regulations, the soundbox can be used to pass on important information such as distance or mouth-nose protection warnings.

Set the event calendar and let it play automatically

Various events can be planned and defined using the event calendar. Multiple groups are also possible and can be easily created and scheduled.

Full-text search

easy searching through full-text search in the music library


Titles can be queued by User

time window

automatic activation / deactivation by pre-programmed time windows