The Internet of Things continues to develop in the age of smartphones, but the tremendous potential of Wi-Fi networks is far from exhausted. In particular, companies can still greatly benefit from the opportunities that IT technology already offers by creating a whole new level of customer communication. Successful pioneer in this field is the Viennese LOOP21 Mobile Net GmbH, which proves not only its innovation zeal in numerous projects, but also how the technical theory can be successfully converted into a concrete, practicable solution.

Following the success of his company, which was founded in 1999 in a garage, Manuel Urbanek took over the recently founded LOOP21 Mobile Net GmbH from a friend in 2006: “During www. functions as an internet provider, LOOP21 was explicitly set up to set up a public WLAN in an Austrian municipality, “explains Urbanek. “LOOP21 therefore offers everything needed for software and hardware to set up and operate a public WLAN, from planning through technology to installation and maintenance,” explains the CEO. “It is therefore an all-in-one solution that we can also customize on customer request.”

But that’s just the basis for everything else, as the tech-savvy CEO emphasizes: “Originally it was about being more attractive just by offering public WLAN, but only supplying the necessary hardware seemed to us to be price-driven.” Therefore Shortly after the takeover of LOOP21, the starting signal was given for the development of a separate software department: “In 2008, we developed software that allows direct communication with WLAN users. For Wi-Fi providers, this means a convenient and efficient way to offer, for example, special services, pass on important information or collect statistical data – and ultimately achieve such a high added value that it significantly exceeds the costs of the WLAN infrastructure. ” In the specific case of application, these may be, for example, weather warnings, online catalogs and price comparisons, timetables or other location-dependent information.

Synergies of two companies

Finally, a completely new market opportunity arose four years ago, when LOOP21 developed a special intercom system for cable car cabins for the well-known Austrian cable car manufacturer Doppelmayr: “This intercom system meant a big leap for us”, confirms the CEO, “because with Doppelmayr as international In this way, we were also able to internationalize our own company. “In addition to process monitoring, the aforementioned IoT development also makes it possible to read out sensor data:” Our development is currently being used in a project in La Paz, Bolivia, where we are working on the Know-how of both sister companies, so and LOOP21 Mobile Net, “explains Manuel Urbanek.

But the potential of the application is much greater than one would initially like to assume: “Now we are going into the area of public transport, because what we do in cable cars, of course, we can also deliver for buses and trains,” argues the CEO. Other major foreign projects of LOOP21, which is already firmly established in the DACH region with a German subsidiary, were among others in Nigeria. “I wanted to be on every continent with LOOP21 a few years ago, and I’ve almost achieved that. When we come to new countries, we also try to gain a foothold in the respective markets by scoring points with our know-how and our quality, “says Manuel Urbanek.

We must not stop, but must remain true to our quality and enter new markets, where we can score with quality and know-how.

Ein starkes Team

Und das gelingt LOOP21 hervorragend, denn das Hauptkapital des Unternehmens sind seine in der Regel selbst ausgebildeten Mitarbeiter und deren ausgeprägte Dienstleistungsorientierung: „Sie sind top qualifiziert, loyal und identifizieren sich mit LOOP21“, schwärmt Manuel Urbanek, „sie sind mit Herz dabei, tragen unser Unternehmen nach außen, und man spürt, dass wir ein Familienunternehmen sind.“ So gewappnet will LOOP21 nicht nur noch internationaler werden, sondern auch die Branchen Industrie und öffentlicher Nahverkehr erobern.