In vehicles, rechargeable batteries (accumulators) are often used as a temporary energy source. The greatest danger for the energy storage device is a deep discharge. With deep discharge, a cell of a battery is discharged to such an extent that the voltage drops below the final discharge voltage.
A deep discharge inevitably leads to irreversible damage to the battery. If the batteries are not in use, the technical self-discharge of the battery can lead to deep discharge. The LOOP21 Mobility Battery Protection System [MBPS 2.0] offers an independent, fully automatic deep discharge protection.


The integrated microprocessor determines the status of the entire energy unit by means of continuous voltage measurements. The MBPS measures the battery voltage (UBATT) and the charging voltage (ULADE).
The current status (operating mode, protection mode) is derived from these two voltage values. By means of the integrated power relay, the MBPS is able to completely remove the battery from all consumers
(incl. charge regulator, balancers, etc.).

The MBPS remains in protection mode until external charging has restored the charge state of the battery to such an extent that the entire system can be safely started up for the battery.
The MBPS automatically switches to normal mode without manual intervention.

The LOOP21 Mobility Battery Protection System [MBPS2.0] is available for 12V or 24V energy systems. According to the nominal voltage of the energy system, the MBPS is with different
Threshold settings supplied. On request, these threshold values ​​can also be customized in the factory to the energy storage device used.