Set accents with music, bring information to your guests using an audio information system or use the LOOP21 sound box for entertainment with a radio play or background music.
Or you can give your guests the freedom to choose their favorite music themselves via the Wi-Fi landing page. Simply connect to the Wi-Fi with your smartphone, click on the Soundbox on the landing page and select your favorite song – done.

The event calendar is new. With it you can schedule and play several announcements, information or sound effects time-controlled. Then you can repeat this as often as you like. You can see your planning daily, weekly, or monthly. Easy to set and control in the interface.




COVID19 announcements are also possible at any time. As a LOOP21 customer, we can in most cases play the announcements for you directly on site with the LOOP21 soundbox. The repetition rate can also be set individually. Just let us know.
Please contact us and we will try to offer a solution for your requirements.



The application possibilities of the soundbox are diverse and individually adaptable. It is also quickly ready for use and can be played with a wide variety of speech and music sequences. Light and infrared barriers are also possible.