LOOP21 Module

Modules for Hotspot Products

Use all the possibilities of your infrastructure and take your WLAN to the next level. To optimize your WLAN solution, LOOP21 offers, in addition to the hotspot products, a large number of different hotspot modules.

These enable you to get to know your users better, provide user-specific content, integrate advertising and partners, and even communicate with users in emergencies.

Depending on the area of application, LOOP21 provides expert advice on the selection of individual products and modules.

LOOP21 Extension

User Profiling

User profiling is a user-based service that enables all information according to personal interests.

Questionnaire before Landingpage
required or optional
Individual content according to the user profile

All statistics in the system are available per user profile.


Simple application is important to us. That’s why we’ve developed a Content Management System that’s easy to understand and use.

With the module Userprofiling any number of questions can be created and displayed in an individually designable form. Depending on the answer options, user groups are created to which individual contents are assigned. This gives users information that suits their interests.

All statistics in the system are available per user group, this allows a more detailed analysis of the individual target groups.