Free Wi-Fi at public places

From youngsters to „modern“ pensioners today many of them are already equipped with Wi-Fi devices.

Now an increasing number of cities and municipalities make use of that and score high points with their citizens and visitors.

The digital citizen information is an important point with comprehensive information like garbage disposal calendar, taxes and fees, the opening time of the waste disposal station and to many things more.

This offer is also very interesting for tourist with location based content for a tour guide, catering trade offers or event calendars.

Benefits for the operator

  • Communication and active engagement of the youth or other groups
  • Important communication measures for the city marketing
  • Meeting the expectations of your location as a modern holiday destination
  • Analytics of movement habits (heat map)
  • Carefree package (legal protection)
  • Landingpage in the design of the city
Benefits for the visitor

  • Free Wi-Fi on different points in the city
  • Digital citizen information and service around the clock
  • E-government offers
  • Multilingual for the tourists
  • Information about events, nightlife or places of interest without searching in the internet

The option to just log into the Internet via Wi-Fi does not provide any added value for the city or municipality. With LOOP21 you offer a so-called Location-Based-Service via the free Wi-Fi, hence the right information fitting to the current location. So you can inform your citizens and visitors, communicate with them, guide and direct them and start selected surveys. Wi-Fi is also the ideal basis for future smart city applications.

LOOP21 Smart City is about making our lives safer, greener and more comfortable with new technologies and automatic systems. Of course, Smart City’s focus is on applications in big cities. But much of this is also important for smaller towns and communities and can also be implemented here. Communities and regions are equipped with innovative ideas for citizens and tourism in their city. The areas of economy and agriculture are also included. LOOP21 helps communities to make the most of the opportunities in their region and to implement tailor-made solutions.

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LOOP21 for city and municipalities – possibilities

Explore the possibilities of the LOOP21 system in the big city or small community. Just click on the green areas and you will get information about the area of application.
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Wi-Fi with more than 80 Access PointsCustomer SurveyLocation-Based-Service - LBSBanner-ManagementDevice-Flow-AnalysisUser Profiling

Wi-Fi with more than 80 Access Points

More than 80 access points, divided into different, meaningful hotspot groups linked and controllable with one system.

Customer Survey

Important customer surveys - anonymous and honest. Answer options are Net Promoter Score, single choice or free answers.

Location-Based-Service - LBS

Different landing pages per location. Whether at a sight or an event different contents can be displayed.


Advertising for partners or events in the language of the device, banner rotation and billing with the partner via views, clicks or timeframes.


Customer measurement over the day, presentation as a video with heat map and view chart with number of clients per access point.

User Profiling

After answering the questionnaire access to the landing page, where the customer can picked up with an offer or simply receives Internet access.

The products for city and municipality

Hotspot Management

Make the most of your public Wi-Fi. Refinance your infrastructure costs.

  • Captive portal with 6 login variants
  • Banner on login page
  • Access control (bandwidth for customers)
  • Hotspot groups
  • flexible license models

Location Based Service

Provide your customer with relevant information on site. Operate active customer loyalty.

  • Location-dependent content and services
  • different types of localizations
  • Device flow analysis with heatmap
  • Statistics on movement at different locations
  • customers navigation

Content Management

Use your guests’ smartphones for individual communication on the spot.

  • individual landing page according to corporate design
  • extended banner management
  • Scheduler
  • Share your moment
  • digital customer surveys

Signage Playerbox

Customer communication and customer loyalty with pre-programmed information for your visitors.

  • digital door signs
  • Dynamic signpost
  • Information: customer television, company TV
  • Advertising messages: advertising television, product information
  • Infotainment: Entertainment in waiting areas, Infopults



The city of Vienna commissioned Loop21 to take care of the added value for the City WLAN by offering location-based content. Together with several City Council Departments (IT, Press and Communication service, Public Lighting, Water Engineering) the project team of Loop21 worked on finding a solution that meets all needs and wishes.

The service for Vienna’s citizens is available at the city hall square in the centre and on 5 different locations on the Danube Island. Loop21 provided the city with support during the different project phases, from the definition of these areas to the decision which content available on the landing pages.

“The highlight of the project “wi-fi in Vienna” is a service, where guests get location-based information. Once guests are connected to the wireless network, they are provided with a landing page which offers content that depends on their location.” (Press release of the City of Vienna, Sept 27th, 2012)

Loop21’s project team worked together with other project partners to reach common milestones. For instance the Loop21 software department developed a specific SOAP interface which enables a communication between the Loop21 landing page and the registration page for internet access of the city’s infrastructure partner.

The evaluation of the statistics shows an incredible usage! During the Film Festival in August 2012 at the city hall square there were 12,100 unique users counted on the landing page. The preferred button was the content of the Vienna Tourism and the city map. Overall, there were 35,000 page impressions in this one month.