Digital event tools for optimized Wi-Fi marketing

Switch with the LOOP21 technology package tailor-made advertising to refinance your Wi-Fi.

Informieren Sie auf der Landingpage schon während der Veranstaltung über folgende Events.

Kommunizieren Sie mit Ihren Gästen und bieten eine neue User-Erfahrung.

Erhöhen Sie die Kundenbindung und intensivieren den Kontakt zu Ihren Partnern.

Benefits for the operator:

  • Additional advertising options in the WLAN network
  • Banner ads of partner companies
  • Added value for your customers (individual landing page with user profiling)
  • Application of future events
  • Cross- and Up-Selling Offers
  • Share Your Moments Module – Pictures on Videowall
  • Extensive statistics

Benefits for the visitor

  • free Wi-Fi in the whole center

  • fast information about the event

  • site plan and navigation
  • Information about next event
  • Buy Gift Certificates
  • Gastro information – menus
  • Share your Moments – Picture on Videowall
The LOOP21 hotspot solution ensures smooth Internet enjoyment. As a pure hotspot solution or with captive portal and landing page. The content of the homepage changes according to the operating system of the terminal.

Convenient presetting of time-dependent content that is automatically output Even far ahead of schedule can be provided with a matching start page.

Increase your ROI by marketing your digital ad space. The LOOP21 Banner Management allows you to run as many ads as you like. Or you can exchange your own content as needed. With the statistics of views and clicks, you can pinpoint billing for your advertising partners.

Digital signage is the basis for a visitor guidance system – especially useful if, for example, conference rooms are distributed over several levels at congresses and flexible handling is required. As with other tools, operator operation is easy in this case too. A payout of sponsorship contributions can be logged and billed to the second.

Offer your guests unique experiences with Share Your Moments. The visitors make a picture in the in-house system and it is displayed on the video wall.

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Products Exhibition- and Eventcenter

Hotspot Management

Make the most of your public Wi-Fi. Refinance your infrastructure costs.

  • Captive portal with 6 login variants
  • Banner on login page
  • Access control (bandwidth for customers)
  • Hotspot groups
  • flexible license models

Location Based Service

Provide your customer with relevant information on site. Operate active customer loyalty.

  • Location-dependent content and services
  • different types of localizations
  • Device flow analysis with heatmap
  • Statistics on movement at different locations
  • customers navigation

Content Management

Use your guests’ smartphones for individual communication on the spot.

  • individual landing page according to corporate design
  • Banner Management
  • Scheduler
  • Share your moment
  • digital customer surveys

Signage Playerbox

Customer communication and customer loyalty with pre-programmed information for your visitors.

  • digital door signs
  • Dynamic signpost
  • Information: customer television, company TV
  • Advertising messages: advertising television, product information
  • Infotainment: Entertainment in waiting areas, Infopults


Exhibition and Event Center

Visitors to an event hall in Germany should be able to use a powerful and informative Wi-Fi system. In addition to the normal Internet access content will be kept ready for current and upcoming events. Additionally, advertisements from partners should be switchable, both permanent and event specific.

The decision fell on the LOOP21 system, which offers many benefits to visitors and operators:
Users benefit from targeted information that they receive in WLAN – the operators of the possibilities of the LOOP21 system:

  • timed content (automated publishing)
  • localized content delivery
  • Integration of advertising partners (pre-installed billing options)
  • connection of social networks
  • easy handling
  • browser-based – no app needed
  • reports
  • heatmaps

The LOOP21 Technology Package is the ideal solution for bringing together a high marketing value with an optimal customer experience.