The digital marketing tool for retail

Offer public Wi-Fi, location-related and personalised information and offers. Get valuable knowledge with digital surveys directly in the POS.

Receive and use valuable marketing data and use the extensive statistics and analysis tools for the strategical planning.

With the Social media presence on the Landing page, customers can share the link and a part of the description of the article from your shop on social networks with friends with only one click.

Refinance your infrastructure costs with Cross- and Upselling, as well as advertising revenue of partner enterprises.

Benefits for the operator:

  • Digital infrastructure (Wi-Fi, digital price labels, cameras)
  • Targeted interactions with the customers at the POS
  • User groups to enable personalized communication (User Profiling)
  • Real-time data about the customer behavior
  • Optimization of inter-divisional processes
Benefits for the customers:

  • Wi-Fi in the shop
  • direct prize comparison with Wi-Fi
  • personalized offers
  • navigation
Combined with customer data (User Profiling) the shopping experience will be made unique.

Retailers receive valuable data about their customers because of the comprehensive data analytics:

  • motion analysis (customers)
  • new and current customers
  • average length of stay
  • Statistics
  • routing and heatmap
  • integration of existing systems (frequency counting, cameras, etc.) and displays in only one dashboard
  • automated reports

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LOOP21 Retail – Possibilities

Explore the possibilities of the LOOP21 system in retail. Just click on the green areas and you will get information about the area of application.
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Landing Pagecustomer Wi-FiUser ProfilingDigital SignageCustomer SurveyData Analytics

Landing Page

Targeted advertising of offers, company-conforming CI of the landing page, freely adjustable buttons.

customer Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi for customers and employees, bandwidth per user adjustable, different login methods, social media button for more advertising effectiveness.

User Profiling

After answering the questionnaire access to the landing page, where the customer can picked up with an offer or simply receives Internet access.

Digital Signage

Digital screens, electronic doorplates and dynamic signposts - electronic price tags which are easy to navigate.

Customer Survey

Real-time feedback - Answer options include Net Promoter Score, Single Choice, Free Replies.

Data Analytics

Extensive statistics of your customers help to use marketing campaigns properly. This information is displayed clearly in a dashboard.

The products for retailers

Hotspot Management

Make the most of your public Wi-Fi. Refinance your infrastructure costs.

  • Captive portal with 6 login variants
  • Banner on login page
  • Access control (bandwidth for customers)
  • Hotspot groups
  • flexible license models

Location Based Service

Provide your customer with relevant information on site. Operate active customer loyalty.

  • Location-dependent content and services
  • different types of localizations
  • Device flow analysis with heatmap
  • Statistics on movement at different locations
  • customers navigation

Content Management

Use your guests’ smartphones for individual communication on the spot.

  • individual landing page according to corporate design
  • extended banner management
  • Scheduler
  • Share your moment
  • digital customer surveys

Signage Playerbox

Customer communication and customer loyalty with pre-programmed information for your visitors.

  • digital door signs
  • Dynamic signpost
  • Information: customer television, company TV
  • Advertising messages: advertising television, product information
  • Infotainment: Entertainment in waiting areas, Infopults



A retail chain with 155 shops in 9 different countries europe-wide decided 2014 to interact actively with their customers in the stores. Via the free Wi-Fi the customers get to the real-time information platform of LOOP21. There they find real-time information about the assortment, product presentations, but also an online price comparison, a direct possibility to order (multi-channel) and free Internet access. This Location-Based-Service is customized to the respective location of the shop and the country.

  • Digital customer communication at the POS (Point-of-Sales)
  • Internet access lines at all store locations
  • Management by a central platform
  • Legal protection and language customization according to each country
  • LOOP21 Cloud Service
  • All-inclusive implementation on-site

Last year 9.35 m. accesses were registered. With a smartphone in the hand buying decisions are made. At the same time the retail chain provides their customers with targeted info: availability, price comparison, consultancy, online ordering possibility. Moreover, the sales per customer has increased thanks to the targeted POS marketing.