Wi-Fi in the shopping mall with valuable data and statistics

The issue „Wi-Fi in the shopping mall“ is about more than the simple improvement of shopping experiences. Attractive contents for customers, engagement, real-time communication, shopping guide, navigator, etc. – and all of it with one and the same cloud-based software – create an added value for your mall’s guests. With the right information for the current position customers can be guided anddirected.

Benefits for the operator

  • Active customer dialog via smartphones at the POS
  • Targeted surveys in the shopping mall
  • Virtual dialogue between brands and customers
  • Motion currents measurable
  • Personalized addressing of user groups (user profiling)
  • Data about customer behavior and motion flows (heat maps)
Benefits for the customer

  • Mobile Customer Service
  • Online catalog
  • Customer navigation via Wi-Fi (without app)
  • digital price comparisons
  • Landing page with information about events, sweepstakes and promotions
You receive valuable data which make it possible to analyze movements and behavior as well as to get statistical data about your customers that give you the possibility of strategic planning.

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LOOP21 solution for shopping malls – possibilities

Explore the possibilities of the LOOP21 system in the shopping mall. Just click on the green areas and you will get information about the area of ​​application.
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Free Wi-FiDigital SignageDevice Flow AnalysisCustomer SurveyBanner ManagementLocation Based Service

Free Wi-Fi

Customer Wi-Fi throughout the center with easy login, easy and flexible customizable and extensible.

Digital Signage

Digital Information System - easy to navigate, show preset content according to location, time, season.

Device Flow Analysis

Customer measurement over the day, presentation as a video with heat map and view chart with number of clients per access point.

Customer Survey

Real-time feedback - Answer options include Net Promoter Score, Single Choice, Free Replies.

Banner Management

Banner advertising for brands and partners in the language of the device, banner rotation and settlement via views, clicks or timeframes possible.

Location Based Service

Gestalten Sie unkompliziert unterschiedliche Startseiten für verschiedene Bereiche im Center.

The products for the shopping mall

Hotspot Management

Make the most of your public Wi-Fi. Refinance your infrastructure costs.

  • Captive portal with 6 login variants
  • Banner on login page
  • Access control (bandwidth for customers)
  • Hotspot groups
  • flexible license models

Location Based Service

Provide your customer with relevant information on site. Operate active customer loyalty.

  • Location-dependent content and services
  • different types of localizations
  • Device flow analysis with heatmap
  • Statistics on movement at different locations
  • customers navigation

Content Management

Use your guests’ smartphones for individual communication on the spot.

  • individual landing page according to corporate design
  • extended banner management
  • Scheduler
  • Share your moment
  • digital customer surveys

Signage Playerbox

Customer communication and customer loyalty with pre-programmed information for your visitors.

  • digital door signs
  • Dynamic signpost
  • Information: customer television, company TV
  • Advertising messages: advertising television, product information
  • Infotainment: Entertainment in waiting areas, Infopults



As part of the renovation of some German shopping centers, LOOP21 was commissioned to develop, operate and service a Wi-Fi network and also involved in the planning of new projects.

Corio wanted to offer shoppers free Internet access for their smartphones and other Wi-Fi-capable devices. With LOOP21, a partner that met all criteria was found and thus new construction projects like the Markthal Rotterdam was equipped with the system.

Users receive location-based information transmitted via a landing page. Language, content and design are centrally administered – depending on the operating site. To ensure uniform brand presence, contents are branded according to the corporate identity and optimally placed and displayed on all devices thanks to responsive design.

Since the project launch there have been already 3.33 m. accesses registered in the LOOP21 system. „Only“ 95,000 users used the free Internet access which is the evidence that the Location-Based-Service and its contents are attractive for the customers who are currently in the shopping center.

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