Real time communication between guest and operator

Regardless whether on the beach or mountain – communicate in real time and digitally with your guest!

Today’s guests are multimedial, digital and always online. Tourism regions take advantage of modern infrastructure such as Wi-Fi to reach their guests directly during their stay. Together with their partner Input®, LOOP21 has developed the product Mountainment® especially for hiking and skiing areas.

Wi-Fi location

The guest is located via Wi-Fi and gets real-time information fitting to their current location, entertainment offers, weather, but also the latest news such as closed slopes. The operator benefits from broad statistics and movement analysis.

Benefits for the operator


  • One system for the whole region and its guests, economy as well as operators
  • Digital surveys to increase the customer satisfaction
  • Advertisment for local products and services
  • Valuable marketing data (e-mail addresses, userprofiles, etc.)
  • Comprehensive statistics and motion analysis
Benefits for the guest


  • Useful benefit and entertainment for skiers and hikers
  • Real-time communication between the guest and the operator
  • Passenger’s infos for ski and tourism busses
  • Sightseeing offers of the region
  • Gastro offers
  • Entertainment offers of the surrounding

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Hotel and resort

Intelligent, smart, digital and indescribably informative

The digital guest guide of LOOP21 not only makes your job easier, it’s also fun. Discover the guest information system of the future now and be impressed by the mix of innovation, information and entertainment.

Find out now how easy digitization can be in the hotel and how much added value you have as a hotelier. Resource-saving, smart and intuitive. Improves communication with your guests and optimizes internal processes with ease.


Hotel offers in focus of your hotel guests
Your guests can book a table directly from their hotel room or book wellness offers. Using digital signage and your own smartphone, the guest can easily retrieve information.

Gain positive feedback during your stay
Guests, who using the system, can also conveniently log in via social networks and instantly post their holiday experiences in your location. This is additional advertising for the hotel and of course the region.

Interface for every hotel booking system
The interfaces to our partners Manova and Incert are special. From gift cards, vouchers or tickets to online surveys, reporting, monitoring and benchmarking everything is integrated.

LOOP21 Tourism area – Possibilities

Explore the possibilities of the LOOP21 system in a tourism area or in a local community. Just click on the green areas and you will get information about the area of application.

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Public Wi-Fi

Measurement, planning and installation - all from one source. Maintenance and remote monitoring by our team.


Great tool to provide important information for visitors or to change it flexibly. The ideal marketing tool for tourism areas.


With our partner Locandy it is possible to create a GPS city tour for citizens and tourists. The city tour will greatly expand tourism.

Banner Management

With the banner management you can present to the guests the most important events at first sight. Also possible for advertising for partner events.


Meaningful statistics such as movement analysis, number of visitors, nationality or language of the user device and of course the length of stay.

The products for tourism

Hotspot Management

Make the most of your public Wi-Fi. Refinance your infrastructure costs.

  • Captive portal with 6 login variants
  • Banner on login page
  • Access control (bandwidth for customers)
  • Hotspot groups
  • flexible license models

Location Based Service

Provide your customer with relevant information on site. Operate active customer loyalty.

  • Location-dependent content and services
  • different types of localizations
  • Device flow analysis with heatmap
  • Statistics on movement at different locations
  • customers navigation

Content Management

Use your guests’ smartphones for individual communication on the spot.

  • individual landing page according to corporate design
  • extended banner management
  • Scheduler
  • Share your moment
  • digital customer surveys

Signage Playerbox

Customer communication and customer loyalty with pre-programmed information for your visitors.

  • digital door signs
  • Dynamic signpost
  • Information: customer television, company TV
  • Advertising messages: advertising television, product information
  • Infotainment: Entertainment in waiting areas, Infopults



After the successful introduction of the first GPS city tour in Burghausen, Upper Bavaria – Germany, in 2015, the Burghauser Touristik GmbH presents the second interactive offer for tourists: a jazz tour. From the beginning on LOOP21 is technology partner with high-quality Wi-Fi and know-how.

„A GPS city tour is the new, multimedia discovery tour for tourists. Via the Wi-Fi the guests gets to the local Landing Page where they can download the free app, Michael Oelhafen, CEO of Locandy and exclusive partner of LOOP21, explains. The app offers the guests a GPS-controlled walk through Burghausen’s old town. As a pioneer in the tourism, Burghausen focuses on the ideal mix of digital technologies to entertain today’s tourists.“

The project was initiated by Sigrid Resch, CEO of the Burghauser Touristik GmbH: By establishing jazz and Burghausen’s rise to the most important German jazz festival an attitude to jazz life was created expresses itself meanwhile in four swinging jazz seasons. Thanks to the unique technology of Locandy and LOOP21 we have already developed two GPS City Tours which are fascinating and enthusing the tourists and citizens. Moreover the Landing Page is an attractive tool to provide the most important information for the visitors and change them flexibly.“

Via their smartphones guests as well as citizens can discover the town on the tracks of jazz in Burghausen. From the town place the walk is led over the road Grüben, from there especially the legendary “Street of Fame” leads up to the Mautnerschloss, the only “jazz castle” of Germany. There can be found the jazz cellar which has been a meeting place and think tank for musicians from all over the world since the beginning of Burghausen’s jazz history. The GPS city is a tour with a lot of jazz music and original tones from 1970 until today.

LOOP21 was consulted as the Wi-Fi expert in this project and realized the wireless network in the old town. High-class devices were installed for an optimum coverage and capacity. Beside the infrastructure LOOP21 also delivered the specially developed LOCATION-BASED-SERVICE, a software tool which locates the guest via Wi-Fi and shows them a Landing Page fitting to their current location. Tourists can access directly the GPS city tour and are also optimally provided with Wi-Fi during the walk. In the first half year already 9,000 accesses were registered.   The Tyrolean company Locandy is a specialist for mobile experiences on smartphones in tourism. In May last year Burghausen started with the interactive smartphone tour „From smugglers, rascals and the fish in the salt coat“. Now after its successful introduction the new tour is already the second „interactive prank“ of the Burghauser Touristik GmbH. The jazz walk was produced by theatrical director Stephan Barbarino, adapted together with the jazz IG Burghausen, technically developed by the company Locandy and financially supported by the tourism association of Inn-Salzach.

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