Take advantage of all the possibilities of your infrastructure

The Challenge


Free wifi –
and now?

Make the most of your public Wi-Fi. Refinance your infrastructure costs.


How I can address
my customers directly?

Use the smartphones of your customers for individual communication on the location.


Challenge of a new

Public WiFi?


Offer your guests best location based informations. Practice active customer retention.


Who takes care of the “stepchild” WiFi?

Let check and optimize your Wi-Fi. Via remote maintenance your Wi-Fi will be without any worries.


Who uses my
public WiFi?

Get detailed statistics about your guests. Wi-Fi-Analytics: plan data based.


WiFi with
measurable value?

Innovative, interactive entertainment for the users of your Wi-Fi.


The LOOP-Effect

We locate the users of your Wi-Fi-Hotspots. Local Wi-Fi-Marketing brings your content on the customers smartphone – in real-time.

We do consulting, concepts, production and installation and offer 24/7 support.

Get more benefit from your Wi-Fi with LOOP21.



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Internet billing system, digital information portal, location analysis, always extentable, digital guest guide,


Skiing area

News, events, lift and piste information in real-time, weather forecast, individual, local offers


Cable cars

Customer Wi-Fi along the track, ropeway communication, sound cabin, customer survey, Wurlitzer-cabin


Hotel & Resort

digital event-calendar, gastro offers, real-time communication, targeted promotion, valuable marketing data,  



Customer communication, Wi-Fi marketing, customer flow analysis, digital price tags, Wi-Fi analytics, cross-selling, survey tool,


Event Center

WiFi navigation, additional advertising options, self-promotion, customer statistics, indoor analytics with valuable statistics


Shopping mall

WiFi navigation, customized offers, interactive marketing, customer statistics, indoor analytics, digital displays, heatmaps, digital people counting


Public transport

Real-time analysis of waiting times, information system for passengers, entertainment, digital displays, travelling services


City and municipality

Smart City: digital citizen service, public WiFi hotspots, location-dependent information for tourists, event information


Employee Wi-Fi

Important communication service
for the company, communication and active involvement of employees, information portal, intranet access



Analysis of waiting times, guest location, navigation in the park, digital displays, customer flow analysis and control, customer survey


Guests-Wi-Fi with Location Based Service

Location Based Services with the
LOOP21 Wi-Fi Landingpage

With the flexibly configurable browser landingpage (no APP-installation necessary),
you enter into contact with your customers. Design, contents and functions are adapted
to your individual requirements.

  • Internet login
  • Location based content and offers
  • Advertising of third parties – see below: Return on Investment

In addition to the standard functions, LOOP21 offers various expansions which offer completely new possibilities, for example:

  • Indoor navigation
  • Audio-Entertainment with the LOOP21 Soundbox
  • Light-Entertainment with the LOOP21 Lightbox

Location Based Services with the LOOP21 Wi-Fi Landing Page

Business owner offers more and more frequently a public hotspot because free Wi-Fi has a positive outer effect. Wi-Fi marketing goes on a step by presenting itself on the Login site. After the login the user will be forwarded for example to a digital flyer, a website or a facebook site.

Such further services can, for example products or offers, advertised without additional budget because you can make the landingpage for the hotspot by yourself.

This way initial investments as well as the regular costs can be covered and in the medium term even profits gained by cross sales and advertising revenue.

Return on Investment

Business owners are increasingly offering a public hotspot because the offer of free WiFi alone has a positive impact on the outside world. WiFi marketing goes one step further by presenting itself on the login page and redirecting users to a digital flyer, a website or the Facebook page after login.

For example, services, products or promotions can be advertised without an additional budget, since advertisers can create the landing page themselves via the hotspot.

In this way, initial investments and running costs can be covered by cross sales and advertising revenue, and even profits can be made in the medium term.

Interactive WiFi game in the old ducal town in Bavaria: In addition to the infrastructure, the tourist location receives a marketing tool that locates the guest via WiFi and offers an interactive game via the adapted splash page.

Wi-Fi Entertainment in the ski area: The latest Wi-Fi technology offers visitors to Sölden free internet and location-related information via the Wi-Fi splash page, e.g. open lifts / slopes, weather, huts.

New cableway Penkenbahn with modern communication system: The specially designed IT system enables the control centre to control, monitor and communicate with the cabins via Wi-Fi.

In-store WiFi as a communication tool: Hornbach customers receive a WiFi landing page in all branches across Europe with suitable information about the range, product demonstrations and projects. Of course, the public WiFi is legally protected.

Added value for Austria’s largest city WiFi: As soon as you are connected to the public Wi-Fi, visitors and citizens of Vienna get a homepage with information and offers on the current location. A concept by LOOP21.